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29 April 2008

World Schools incorporation

The April 2008 postal ballot on incorporation of the World Schools Debating Council has concluded. 31 nations were eligible to vote. 29 nations voted.

In order for the proposals to be passed, two-thirds of the eligible nations had to vote for them. Two-thirds of 31 = 20.66 or 21.

The result of this ballot is as follows:


Congratulations to James Probert and his team who have worked very hard on the incorporation proposals, the documents and the explanatory material.

The following proposals have therefore been passed:

(a) That a company named the World Schools Debating Championships Limited be created, as described in the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

(b) That this company shall assume the duties currently carried out by informal bodies called the World Schools Debating Council and the Executive Committee of the World Schools Debating Council, and that the company shall assume the ownership of the name and logo of the current World Schools Debating Championships.

(c) That the Directors of the newly established company shall adopt such rules for the company as are described in the documents ‘The Charity Rules’ and ‘The Debating Rules’, shall apply for the company to be given charitable status, and shall make such appointments and take such actions as are necessary to begin the work of the Charity.

Source WSDC mailing list

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