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28 April 2008

AUDC sponsored judges

You may remember some time ago there was an announcement that IIUM would be sponsoring some quality judges to go to AUDC this year in order to boost the judging pool. In case anyone is interested here is the result of that:

Dear All,
I have received the names recommended by the AUDU Excom for adjudicators' subsidy sponsored by the IIUM.

The names are as follows:
1) Leloy
2) Sharmila
3) Tate
4) Vikram
5) Anirudh Baliga
6) Bernard Guerrero
Note: Charise was also recommended. However, she withdrew her application.

The above six persons please take note:
1) Your registration fees will be fully paid the IIUM.
2) You need to arrange your own travel plans. Your university maysponsor your travel and you can be part of the university's n=1 requirement,as approved in the last AUD Union meeting in Bandung.

Congrats and see you soon in the IIUM.
International Islamic University Malaysia

source AUDC mailing list

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