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29 April 2008

WSDC Motions Committee

An election was held to decide the World Schools 2008 motions committee. This results of the election are as follows:

- Ria Nuri Dharmawan (Indonesia) 24 votes
- Hayah Eichler (Israel) 25 votes
- Albert Fornis (Greece) 24 votes
- Jumin Lee (South Korea) 15 votes
- Aaron Maniam (Singapore) 27 votes
- Noel McGrath (Ireland) 21 votes

Accordingly, Ria Nuri Dharmawan, Hayah Eichler, Albert Fornis, Aaron Maniam and Noel McGrath are the elected members of the 2008 Motions Select Committee.

The rules provide that the host nation can nominate up to two people to join that Committee. The United States of America's nominees are J.J. Rodriguez and Ian Lising.

Source: WSDC mailing list

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