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30 November 2011

Oxford win 2011 English Mace

Oxford JH (Carin Hunt and Will Jones) have won the 2011 English Mace and will now represent England in the 2012 International Mace.  Best speaker on the tab was Jack Watson from BPP A.

The Team and Speaker tabs can be found at Team and Speaker tabs:  and

Round 1: THW allow gifted students to skip years in primary and secondary school
Round 2: THB that all countries should abandon the fight against climate change and should just seek to adapt to its consequences
Round 3: (Pre-released motion) THB that all US primary elections should be held on the same day
Round 4: THB the EU should centrally govern all vital aspects of the economies of heavily indebted eurozone nations
Round 5: THBT single parents in prison should be provided with special treatment to allow them to raise their young children from behind bars
Semi-Final: THB that Pakistan should cease all assistance to the United States in the fight against the Taliban
Grand Final: THW criminalise all forms of racist speech and behaviour, even where it falls short of directly inciting racial hatred or violence

Source: Britishdebate mailing list

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