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5 December 2011

North East Asian Open 2011

Chungang University won the 2011 North East Asian Open held in Taiwan.  In the final they defeated Multimedia University Melaka 1, The University of Hong Kong 1 and Korea University 2.  Lee Tang Yin Krystal (UU1) was the top speaker on the tab.  Tsinghua University 1 won the EFL competition.

For more results and the tab visit here.

Kyunghee University in Korea will host the 2012 competition.

- R1: The Middle East THBT Israel should preemptively strike against Iranian Nuclear facilities.
-R2: Politics THW allow individuals to sell their votes for financial compensation.
-R3: Economics THW end all fiscal austerity measures and increase government spending.
-R4: Taiwan THBT Taiwanese government should abandon all efforts towards formal independence.
-R5: Ethics THW legalize polygamy.
-Pre QF: Religion THBT equal opportunity legislation should extend to religious institutions.
-QF: Justice THW try the Syrian dictator, Al-Assad.
-SF: International Obligations THBT all countries must ratify binding targets in any international agreement on climate change.
-GF: International Law THBT international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake humanitarian intervention.
-EFL SF: Development THBT all government contracts should buy locally manufactured goods and services.
-EFL GF: Environment THW impose a maximum cap on the usage of water

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