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5 October 2011

Invitation to the Durham IV

Hi Folks,

If you want a rigorous set of Worlds prep tournaments, then make sure
to put the Durham IV, November 5-6, 2011  in your itinerary this
autumn. It happens on the weekend right before the Oxbridge IVs which
means you can have two glorious weeks in England and 3 celebrated IVs
to attend in succession, Durham, Oxford and Cambridge, a bang for your
buck, right there.

The Durham IV is one of the biggest IVs on the calendar, (not to mention one of the main locations for the Harry Potter films) 
bringing you both of the Manila WUDC chief adjudicators and returning
finally to our own university buildings. It's the IV with high-powered
debates, the big wins, the crushing losses, the one you tell stories
to your freshers and grand-freshers about for years to come. The
Durham IV.

So, why should you be coming?

Created as excellent World's preparation and to interest and
entertain, we will have the kind of debates people feud about long
after the round is over (and, as those of you who were at the final
last year will know, a little bit of crazy can sometimes come into
play). We always attract the top speakers on the circuit, but bringing
you both sides of the coin: as one of the early IVs in the year, we
hope you will bring your novices to learn from our judging panels and
from the finals. There will also be our usual novice break, where the
new and upcoming big names in debating will be discovered.

CA team:

Co-CA: flying in from Sweden we have Lucinda David, CA of Manila WUDC
2012, WUDC ESL Semi-Finalist, top break at Australs, Quarterfinalist
at Cambridge IV, best speaker of the Philippines, CA of International
La Salle IV, DCA of National debate championships and IIDC.

Co-CA: Sam Block, CA of Manila WUDC 2012. EUDC, Oxford and Mace
Champion, DCA of EUDC 2009, Grand Final Judge at WUDC 2009, top
speaker at WUDC 2008 and EUDC 2007.

Socials and so on:

In ancient times, debaters at Durham found that the many pubs and bars
in the city just couldn't keep up with their demand for alcohol - the
drink just wouldn't come out of the taps quickly enough; so we bought
a bar ourselves, and called it 24. Rumoured to be built on a native
South African burial ground, 24 is the home of the legendary oversized
buckets of Yakka, at just the right strength and lemony-ness. Even
when you're not relieving us of vast quantities of free alcohol at our
socials, the £1.20 pint prices in Durham will have you swigging away
like a Brooding Fish hurriedly gulping it's young before entering more
dangerous, southern seas...
We also have the advantage that everything is within walking distance
of everywhere, meaning no messing around with taxis between the train
station and the chamber, 24 and accommodation. In addition, Durham has
plenty of great places to stroll around in your free time, you can
have a look around our famed cathedral just outside the Union chamber,
or get turned away from the castle..

Have some details:

-Closed Motions
-High standard competition - so great for World's prep
-7 minute speeches
-5 rounds break to semis & novice break to novice finals

Reg fee:

-UK teams: £40 per team in advance, £50 on the day payable by cheque
to the Durham Union Society
-Non-UK: £35 in advance, £45 on the day
-existing reciprocal commitments honoured
-Please note that unfortunately we must still charge teams who drop
out after 01/11/11
-crash provided for all teams, please specify when you require crash
and for how many people on registering.

Judging rules:

N-1. Funding is available - please message one of the CAs with your CV
to apply for it, or ask us to do so for you.


Friday 4th November
Attendees are welcome at our Friday Night Debate 20.00
Reception drinks [24 North Bailey Club] 20.00

Saturday 5th November
Registration [Elvet Riverside] 8.00-8.30
Opening Remarks 8.30
Round 1 9.00
Round 2 11.00
Lunch 12.45
Round 3 13.45
Round 4 15.45
Round 5 17.45
Fireworks Night Social (with fireworks!!) and Break Announcement [24
NBC/Grey's College] 19.45

Sunday 6th November
Semi Final (Palace Green) 9.30
Novice Final (PG) 11.00
Final (PG) 13.00
Social and Result Announcements [24 NBC] 15.00

Contact one of our co-conveners, Benjamin Dory or George Trigatzis,
with any question by facebook (links under 'creators'), or ( 07794870455)(George)/07773 644663

Please email to register, including a
brief and informal CV of any judges you are sending.

The Durham Inter-Varsity 2011 is sponsored by KPMG, visit us

Many thanks,

Durham IV

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