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5 October 2011

Where To Stop On The Way To DLSU Worlds: Top 5 Reasons To Stop By WUPID 2011

Dear Fellow Debaters,
Are you heading up to Manila for the DLSU Worlds this December? Ever since the invention of airplanes and the discovery of alien technology, you can get straight to Manila from any part of the world without the need to transit or stop. But you should. Because WUPID 2011 is simply too good to miss!

If you’re looking for a good last training stint to guarantee your invasion of the Worlds, don’t wait after WUPID 2011. Because there’s nothing else after WUPID 2011, and just before Worlds. Compete at WUPID, reach the finals, and that alone would warrant you a place at the Grand Finals of the World Cup of university debating – Worlds.

Due to the fact that we’re a mere 80 days away from WUPID, here is my list of the top 5 reasons to stop by WUPID 2011 (in no particular order): 

Newton’s Law - If you flick with me, I’ll flick you too.

It’s insidious how these things happen: The CA of Worlds – Lucinda, will be one of the DCAs of WUPID 2011. She may be bringing in some ideas and influence into the discussion of how the motions at WUPID should be. Which is a good preview especially if you’re going to Worlds. But she could also be influenced herself, and effect the motions at Worlds in a particular latitude that may share similarities to the motions at WUPID.

Wickedness is when you do not accept and embrace what is vested to you for free.

Believe it: If you’re one of the universities ranked in the top 30, or a university outside of the Asia Pacific, your registration is zero. Accommodation at a 5-star hotel, meals and transport to the host university is for free. Just register and get yourself to the official hotel.

You’re out there to convince the adjudicators, not yourself.

It doesn’t really matter what your values and beliefs are regarding a motion or topic. It’s about what your critical audience (judges) perceive of the motion. And looking at the material fact that the Worlds is in Manila, it is most likely that you will be having quite a good number of Asian adjudicators in the pool. Get a glimpse of the values that they cherish or embrace, and see how does it influences their judgement. These values are not just restricted to what is being argued, but also the manner the argument is conveyed.

The cultural olympiad will make Malaysian children grow up wanting to be you.

One minute well-intentioned parents will take advantage of the cultural bounty to introduce their youngsters to the wonders of Benjamin Woolgar’s 7-minute spectacles or Fiona Prowse’s mesmerizing wit and the next thing you know, the kids will be clamoring to enroll themselves to Oxford or Monash where debating is lifestyle. Then they’ll hit voting age and start lobbying the government to increase funding for debating and before you know it, Malaysia will be a hotbed of creativity and critiques – like you.

The chance to meet two of the oldest debating zealot in the history of Worlds.

No joke: WUPID is bringing back debaters and judges from pre-historic Worlds. The first Chair of the Worlds Universities Debating Council (WUDC) will be here. To illustrate what we mean, this ancient relic has a son that’ll be debating at WUPID this year. We’ve also brought back to life the second Chair of WUDC. Talk about a rack of fine wine.


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