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18 July 2011

UCC win Berlin IV

Bit behind posting this but UCC Law (Becky West and Gearoid Wrixon) have won the Berlin IV.

In the final they defeated University of London Union (ULU) A (Samantha Neville and David Jones), Utrecht Debating Society (UDS) A (Lucien de Bruin and Tomas Beerthuis, Leiden Debating Union (Rogier Baart and Suus Kingma)

THW financially incentivise parents to have two or more children.
THBT any language which needs protection is not worth protection.
THW make all prison sentences indefinite until the prisoner is deemed rehabilitated.
THW privatise water.
For peacekeeping missions in Africa, THW only use African troops.
THW only hold team sports competitions with mixed-sex teams.

For more information:
Article (in German):
Main site:

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