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13 July 2011

Australs 2011 Results

The winners of the 2011 Australasian Intervarsity Debating Champs are Victoria University of Wellington 1 on a 7-2 split.

Runners-Up are: National University of Singapore 1

Top 10 Speakers:

1. Elle Jones (University of Sydney Union 1)
2. Chris Bisset (Monash University 1)
3 = Seb Templeton (Victoria University of Wellington 1)
3 = Daniel Swain (University of Sydney Union 1)
3 = Imran Rahim (National University of Singapore 1)
6 = Madeleine Schultz (Monash University 1)
6 = Gemma Buckley (Monash University 1)
6 = Robert Chiarella (University of Sydney Union 2)
9 = Stephanie Thompson (University of Auckland 1)
9 = Robin Teo (National University of Singapore 1)

Elle Jones wins the Martin Sorensen Cup for the Best Speaker of the Championships

Elle also wins the new award for the "best reply speaker" of the competition (apparently a new award)

Udayan Mukherjee from Victoria wins the Jock Faneslow Cup for the Best Speaker in the Grand Final

The ESL Champions in a 7-2 split decision are the University of Indonesia.

ESL Runners-Up are Hong Kong 1.


  1. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Best reply speaker?

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Perhaps it is to do with the fact that the government have a choice of 3 motions. When do the opposition know what the motion will be? Is it when the PM stands up?

  3. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Joint 9th best speaker is Robin Teo from NUS.

  4. Anonymous4:48 pm

    @Anon 2 - Both sides decide on the motion before they start prep.

  5. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I guess Asia has someone in mind to name this new, superfluous award after... it's their turn with Sorenson and Faneslow down, and I guess they thought (tellingly) that naming said award after a prize like "best ESL speaker" would be less prestigious.

  6. Anonymous12:00 am

    Its SorenSEN, not SorenSON. You think that Bish might know how to spell the most revered name in Australs history.

  7. Anonymous1:23 am

    Anon 3 - thanks, have updated.

    Anon 5 - no idea re name and who suggested it. AIDA Council must have adopted it, although to the best of my knowledge the proposal wasn't circulated in advance (as is required for constitutional amendments).

    Anon 6 - sorry, in all the excitement of Victoria winning its second Australs in a row, I mistyped the name.

    Also is your assertion even correct re Martin? Tim Sonnreich won 3 Australs and was the best speaker the other two times he didn't win. I think he has a greater claim.

    Cheers, Bish

  8. Anonymous1:59 am

    Alot of people who ripped up Australs were too classy to go back year after year :)


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