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28 April 2011

JECIT Results

Justice Edwin Cameron Invitational Tournament is a round-robin for South Africa’s top teams, based on SA Nationals, Pan-Africans and applications. The tournament runs over 5 rounds with 16 teams, top 4 teams breaking to finals after round 5. Motions are generally open.

Winners: Alex de Jager and Matthew Butler-Adam (UCT) (4-3 panel split against Dan and Vivek)

James Wink and Anthony Hodgson (Independent)
Richard Stupart and John Stupart (Wits/Rhodes)
Daniel Kaliski and Vivek Ramsaroop (UCT)

Breaking judges: Kimera Chetty, Zikho Pali, Kyle Parkin, Piet Olivier, Alma Diamond (DCA), Alex Sloan (DCA), Claire Hawkridge (CA)

Top Speakers:
1. Richard Stupart
2. Vivek Ramsaroop
3. Daniel Kaliski
4. (tied) Alex de Jager and Matthew Butler-Adam

Best Adjudicator based on speaker and adjudicator feedback: (tied) Kyle Parkin and Kimera Chetty
Round 1: TH rejects consensus
Round 2: TH would let the music play on
Round 3: TH is mostly harmless
Round 4: THBT the fat lady hasn’t sung until the cows come home
Round 5: (closed) TH supports the decision to try Henry Okah in South Africa
Final: THB the dark side is better (they have cookies)

Thanks to all who attended and congrats to convener Gene McAravey and her team for an excellent

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