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28 April 2011

Impact of Debate on Academic Performances: Final Paper

You may recall that we recently had a survey for Saad Bin Amjad on the Impact of Debate on Academic Performances.  If you are interested the final paper is now available here.  Best of luck to Saad in the academic assessment of it.

From Saad Bin Amjad:
Since I started debating back in the 7th Grade, learned a lot and achieved a lot till date.But I was always put into a dilemma at times by the 'society', about what is the true impact of debate in life, especially in the academic paradigm.

This semester, in my university course, English 105, I got the opportunity to do a research on any of my field of interest and finally I submitted the paper on debate on 21st April.

The research may seem inadequate, incomplete and below average, but since I am just learning how to prepare a paper and compile data, please ignore my ignorance.

I am happy and honored that I could finish a paper in such a short time, in which you all guyz helped. Hope you would enjoy reading the paper and come to know about different perceptions and findings!

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