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28 April 2011

WUDC 2012 Adjudication Webseminar 1


The hardworking DLSU Worlds Adjudication team will be producing webseminars on adjudication in the run up to WUDC in December in Manila.

Here is the very first one — An Introduction to Adjudication. Web seminar 1 comes with slides on an introduction to adjudication and a video of a debate complete with oral adjudication from the co-CA Sam Block. So if you want to hear their thoughts on adjudication issues, pick up some new methods of tracking debates, hear Sam’s oral adjudication and compare your notes with his, take the DLSU Worlds 2012 Webseminar 1. Enjoy!

DLSU Worlds 2012 Webseminar 1 Slides: An Introduction
Practice Debate 1: THB national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population
Oral Adjudication 1
DLSU Adjudication Webseminar 1 Notes

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