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4 January 2011

WUDC 2011 Summary of results

Here is a summary of the results for the 2011 World Universities Debating Championships.  We are still waiting for a video of the final and for the full tab to be released. I'll post these as soon as they are available.

The 2011 World Debating champions are Monash A (Victor Finkel & Fiona Prowse)

World Debating Championships Finalists
Monash A (Victor Finkel & Fiona Prowse) (OG)
Oxford A (Ben Woolgar & Hugh Burns) (OO)
Sydney A (Tim Mooney & Bronwyn Cowell) (CG)
LSE A (Anser Aftab & John Ashbourne) (CO)

Best Speakers
1 Victor Finkel (Monash A)
2 Tim Mooney (Sydney A)
3 Fiona Prowse (Monash A)
=4 Ben Woolgar (Oxford A)
=4 Bronwyn Cowell (Sydney A)
6 Doug Cochran (Cambridge A)
7 Patrick Caldwell (Sydney B)
8 Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin (TCD Hist B)
9 Brent Kettles (Hart House A)
10 Stephanie Bell (Oxford C)

Winner of the English as a Second Language Competition: Champion: Haifa A

ESL Final
Ljubiljana A
Leiden B
Haifa A

ESL Best Speakers
1 Filip Dobranic (Ljublijana A)
2 Maya Cimmerman (Ljublijana A)
3 Rob Honig (Leiden B)
4 Michael Saliba (Stuttgart A)
5 Patrick Ehmann (Berlin A)

Winner of the English as a Foreign Language Competition: Tokyo B

EFL Final
Zagreb A
Belgrade B
Tokyo B
Venezuela A

ESL Best Speakers
1 Andreas Lazar (Stuttgart)
2 Simon Belak (Ljubljana C)
3 Riza Aryani (Universitas Indonesia)
4 Eldhianto Maulana Jusuf (Gadjah Mada)
5 Yunizar Adiputera (Gadjah Mada

Public Speaking
Winner of the Public Speaking competition: Crystal Thompson (Jamacia)
1st Runner up: Jack Gamble
2nd Runner up: Danny Blackman

Winner of the Comedy Night: Wudi Wu (Queens)

Winner of the Masters competition: Scotland (Alex Just & UB McKaiser)

Masters Final

Top 32 Teams
1 Monash A
2 Sydney A
3 Cambridge A
4 Oxford C
5 TCD Hist B
6 Oxford A
7 Hart House A
8 Cambridge B
9 Durham A
10 Monash C
11 Oxford D
12 Sydney D
13 Sydney C
14 Monash B
15 NUS A
16 Alaska D
17 Kings Inn A
18 ANU A
19 UCD Law A
20 Yale A
21 ANU B
22 Alaska B
23 Sydney B
24 LSE A
25 Oxford B
26 Melbourne A
28 Yale C
29 McGill A
30 Vermont B
31 Cambridge C
32 TCD Hist A

Rd1: This house believes that national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population
Rd2: This house believes that  all states have a right to nuclear weapons
Rd3: This house believes that governments should not provide benefits on the basis of marital status
Rd4: This house believes that central banks should set limits on government spending
Rd5: This wouse would prioritise asylum Seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes
Rd6: This wouse would allow teachers unions the right to strike
Rd7: This wouse would require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet
Rd8: This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union
Rd9: This house believes that social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change
Octo: This wouse would buy countries votes in nternational organizations
Qtr: This house believes that courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race
Semi: This house opposes organised religion
Final: This wouse would invade Zimbabwe
EFL Semi: This house supports a one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
EFL Final: This wouse would give more votes to the poor
ESL Qtr: This house believes that domestic courts should try foreign nationals who commit war crimes abroad
ESL Semi: This wouse would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race
ESL Final: This house believes that the courts should break up consistently dominant political parties
Masters Rd1: This wouse would buy local
Masters Rd2: This house would buy blood diamonds
Masters Final: This house prefers a philosopher King to a tyrannical democracy

Worlds Council
The 2013 World Debating Championships were awarded to Berlin
Jens Fischer was elected as the new chair of council.
Steve Johnson was elected as Registrar
Simone Van Elk was elected as Secretary.


  1. Anonymous4:42 am

    Krystal Tomlinson for public speech

    -your public speech director

  2. Anonymous10:56 am

    Masters Round 2: This house would buy blood diamonds

  3. Seed 16 = Alaska A
    Seed 22 = Alaska D


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