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3 January 2011

Next Manila WUDC 2012

So that's more or less it from Botswana for 2011 (yes I know other than tabs, videos of the finals and stuff but we'll get there in due course).

Next year it's De La Salle University in Manila.

Thanks to @ @ @ @ and others for the twitter updates and to @ and @ for the livestream video.  A few glitches aside this was the year that Worlds entered the internet age of instant communication.  Well done guys.


  1. Gulraiz Khan10:08 pm

    I must admit it was an absolute pleasure, and thrill, following the worlds here in Pakistan, thanks to all the twitter feeds and streaming! Botswana never felt closer! Great job to all those who contributed.

  2. Here, Here. And thanks to Colm for providing a great hub for where all of this information can read by many.

  3. Thanks Colm for a great service. Best WUDC yet for us remote spectators

  4. I can't wait for 2012, yay!!!!


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