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13 December 2010

Sydney University win Sydney Mini

Pat Caldwell and Paul Karp from the University of Sydney Union have won the Australian British Parliamentary Debating Champs, known as Sydney Mini.

In the Grand Final they defeated Tim Mooney and Bronwyn Cowell (Sydney A), Victor Finkel and Fiona Prowse (Monash University A) and Amit Golder and Seamus Coleman (Monash/Melbourne).

Top Ten Speakers

1. Amit Golder (Monash) 509
2. Tim Mooney (Sydney) 504
3. Daniel Swain (Sydney) 503
4. Bronwyn Cowell (Sydney) 501
5. Fiona Prowse (Monash) 499
6. Christopher Bishop (Victoria Wellington) 498
7. Victor Finkel (Monash) 497
8= Dom Bowes (Sydney) 494
8= Elle Jones (Sydney) 494
8= Seamus Coleman (Melbourne) 494

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