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13 December 2010

DLSU Worlds 2012: List of DCA Applicants

Dear World Debating Community,

We are writing to begin the final phase of the DCA selection process for De Le Salle WUDC 2012. We are very pleased and hugely excited by the pool of talented applicants the process has attracted, and know we have some pleasingly difficult decisions ahead of us. Particularly because of the high quality of applicants, it is more important than ever that we receive as much feedback as possible on candidates. Feedback will form a very significant part of decisions about DCA appointments.

Below is a list of all applicants, listed by the debating region they could best represent (i.e. the region where they do/did most of their international debating – not necessarily their current country of residence). We encourage all members of the international debating community to give feedback on any candidates they have any familiarity with. This includes those who are themselves candidates. Unfortunately, anonymous feedback cannot be taken into account; this is simply to ensure we know each piece of feedback is from a separate unique individual. All feedback is, however, entirely confidential, and will be seen only by the Chief Adjudicators.

We are seeking feedback on all aspects of candidates’ ability to do the DCA job. As well as feedback about ‘how good’ candidates are, feedback on candidate’s particular strengths and weaknesses are valued, as they help build a good all-round team. All feedback should be sent to both and, and should include the word ‘Feedback’ in the subject-line. All feedback must be received by 1200 GMT on the 22nd of December.

The candidates are:

The Americas
Adam Goldstein
Colin Etnire
Cormac Early
Josh Martin

Ahyoung Kim
Bryan Gunawan
Ely Zosa
Masako Suzuki
Nishita Vasan
Rajkumar Narendra
Rishad Sharif
Thepparith Senamngern

Alex Worsnip
Art Ward
Daniel Berman
Engin Arikan
Fred Cowell
Jonathan Leader-Maynard
Shengwu Li
Victor Chernov

Amit Golder
Tim Mooney

Unfortunately, there were no candidates for whom the most appropriate debating region was ‘Middle East and Africa’. We hope, however, that this lack of candidates for this role will not be permanent; the selectors plan to re-open applications for candidates who have done most of their international debating in the Middle East and Africa next year, hoping that Botswana Worlds will constitute an opportunity to further spread awareness about this role.

Finally, if you believe you have applied to be a DCA but do not see yourself on the list above, please do get in touch.

Once again, please do send in your feedback; it will make a real difference to this process.

Many thanks,

Sam Block and Lucinda David
Chief Adjudicators
De La Salle WUDC 2012

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