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11 December 2010

q.e.d. 2011, A Parliamentary Debate in Asia

Salutations Debater,

On behalf of BITS-Pilani, the BITS Debating Society takes great pleasure and a sizable amount of pain in extending a hopefully formal invitation to your esteemed institute. This invitation is regarding q.e.d, A Parliamentary Debate in Asia, which will be held from the 4th to 8th of February 2011.

During these four days of breathless action, the sharpest minds from the largest continent in the world will harry and hassle, refute and rebut on worldly topics ranging from 'Rocking horses have undertones of bestiality' to 'The striking similarities between brown and maroon are more than just coincidence'. We obviously feel your esteemed institute will find these topics right up their alley. We've also deliberately used words like 'Salutations' to generate a feeling of antagonism towards us in the hope that it may aid in debating. 

In a brief bout of benevolence, we present an FAQ section that will give you any desired information regarding the debate and other things.

Q: Why should I attend q.e.d.?
A: Well, the easy way out would be to say that it is India's biggest and most prestigious parliamentary debating tournament. But in spite of the fact that physics is far from our best friend, we have enough knowledge of the subject to say that it is physically impossible for every parliamentary debate to be the biggest and most prestigious. Yet apparently that is what is proclaimed by every parliamentary debate.

So, striving to be different, we won't say our debate is the best because deciding the best is tough and confusing. But we can surely say that it has a world-class adjudication core, an extremely competent panel of judges and hopes to have widespread participation from across South Asia. If you're up to it, you can decide if it's the best or not after attending.

Plus, we have green pieces of paper with a bespectacled man on it and they are seductively fluttering and wafting their irresistible scent towards you.

Q: How do I register?
A: Wow,that was quick. Log on to

Q: Why do I get the message "Website Not Found" when I click on the link given above?
A: If it's before 12 AM on 16th December 2010, the answer is: The site is not operational yet.
    If it's after 12 AM on 16th December 2010, the answer is: We really do not know. Call or email us and we'll look into it.

Q: Any other rules or specifications I should be aware of?
A: The standard 3 on 3 Asians format
      Team Cap : 2 teams per college (for now)
      Total Team Cap : 80 teams
      The "n" rule, ie a minimum of 1 adjudicator per team

Q: You claimed to have a world-class adjudication core, so who will be the Chief Adjudicator for the tournament?
A: The Chief Adjudicator for the tournament will be Mr. Derek Lande. He was CA WUDC 2009, DCA WUDC 2007 and DCA EUDC 2006. He was also the 3rd Best Speaker WUDC 2006 and Best Speaker EUDC 2005 among a very long list of other impressive things.

Q: I'm sorry but all these questions are perfunctory. Could you tell me a bit more about those nice, green, pieces of paper?

Winners: INR 69,169 (USD 1533.54)
Runners Up: INR 30,276 (USD 671.25)
Semi Finalists: INR 15,129 (USD 335.42)
Quarter Finalists: INR 6,084 (USD 134.89)
Octo Finalists: INR 3,025 (USD 67.07)

Rank 1 to 3: INR 12,321 (USD 273.17)
Rank 4 to 6: INR 4,096 (USD 90.81)          
Rank 7 to 10: INR 2,025 (USD 44.90)

Total: INR 2, 35, 565 (USD 5222.69)

The FAQ section is best concluded before the questions get any more colorful. If you have any extraneous queries, feel more than free to contact any of the glitterati mentioned below, email us or log on to after 12 AM on 16th December, 2010.

Hoping you attend and all that jazz.
BITS Debating Society,
BITS Pilani

Tournament Director
Rahul Seth

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  1. JUST FOR U SETH...YES I LL sounds exciting... and again i love pilani and hate the journey.hopefully will make it for 2nd time in 6 months..........good luck


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