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10 December 2010

Want to be a DCA at USU 2011?

Hi Everyone,

We are opening up applications for Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCAs) for the upcoming USU tournament in April. The tounament has a team cap of 200 teams which will make it one of the largest Worlds format tournaments ever held in North America. DCAs will play an important role in the running of the competition, communication with participants and specifically as DCA you will:

· Be present at the tournament and shortly beforehand
· Work with the CA and other DCAs to select motions for the tournament
· Be a public face for the tournament both before and during the competition
· Evaluate and prioritise judge allocation, including an online test for judges prior to the tournament.

When it comes to the selection of DCA’s we will prioritise:
Debating experience (as a debater, coach, judge or a combination of several of these)
Adjudication experience

Dependent on the level of experience of those applying, we will select between two and four DCAs.

We will welcome applications from all suitably qualified applicants. Applicants need not be American, or currently participating on the American circuit, though all things being equal we would give priority to those applicants. Travel subsidies are negotiable, hotel will be provided.

Currently serving coaches of teams that will participate at the tournament are welcome to apply. They would be expected to avoid discussing motions and topic areas with their teams.

We would encourage all interested applicants to apply to me with a debating tailored Resumé/ CV and a cover letter expressing:

Why you are applying for the position
A brief explanation of your most relevant experience
What you feel you would offer the tournament
Three sample motions you feel would be suitable for the competition, with brief explanation of why you would select each motion.
Any other material you wish to offer in support of your candicy

As we anticipate many applications, please keep your cover letter concise,

Please send applications to by December 21st 2010.

Stephen Boyle , CA USU 2011

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