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26 November 2010

Reminder: Debate Park 51

This is a call to arms! This is a call for you and your friends to contribute to the preservation of democratic values. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Park51. Most of those opinions are either reactionary, emotionally biased or simply an exclamation of whatever position the mass media are bashing into our skulls that day. How isit that we can have reasoned and balanced debate on topics ranging from immigration policy to gay marriage, but we're so easily seducedby the over-simplified, eye-catching sound bites that pervade publicdiscussion of the 'Ground Zero Mosque'?

The issue is clearly polarizing, but that's precisely why we should be approaching it from the reasonable and impartial direction of debate. Together we can remedy the misinformation and inflammatory voices of mass media and the blogosphere. Together we will mediate the cacophony of competing and incompatible opinions. is hosting a series of on-line debates for teams from all over the world to contribute to this important and valuable debate. Regardless of your beliefs, each team must argue both in favor of the Islamic cultural center and to oppose it. By encouraging teams to defend both sides of the issue, we encourage understanding and tolerance, while discouraging bigotry and bias.

By singing up at , you'll get the chance to help us achieve these worthy goals. AND you get a sweet t-shirt . AND you could win a book and a massive trophy .

Only a limited number of teams have registered so far, so you have areal chance of making your mark and lifting the coveted Debate Park51Winner's Trophy high above your very clever head.


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