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23 November 2010

Announcement:: Zagreb Worlds 2013 Bid

Dear fellow debaters from around the globe,

I am delighted to inform you that Zagreb is bidding to host WUDC 2013. Everything you might initially want to know about our bid can be found at We will obviously also be presenting the bid in detail at Worlds Council in Botswana, as well as at some other competitions prior to it, and you should feel free to ask questions to any member of our bid team at any time.

The Zagreb Worlds 2013 team are confident we can produce one of the best World Championships ever, and aside from myself and the Organising Committee, we are pleased to announce that Jonathan Leader Maynard (Two-Times Worlds Grand Finalist and European Champion and Best Speaker) will be our Chief Adjudicator, and that Fatih Mehmet Inal (Convenor, Koc Worlds 2010) is part of our team as an advisor to the OrgComm.

The tournament will all be held on one site in the beautiful Croatian capital of Zagreb, with a planned team cap of 400 - though we have the capacity to raise this if demand were high and we were sure that it would be an improvement to the championships for everyone. We have extensive plans for socials and excursions, an in-depth system of workshops and training sessions for less experienced debaters and judges, a revamped Worlds Masters competition, and more!

If you have immediate questions about adjudication, you can e-mail Jonathan at, or if you have more general questions, email OrgComm at

I look forward to seeing you in Botswana in a month's time and hopefully in Croatia in two years!


Petar Bezjak
Organising Committee President


  1. Anonymous8:37 am

    What has changed from five years ago when it was such a disaster that council had to step in and take Worlds from Croatia. Is this Petar Bezjak the same Petar that organised things back then?

  2. I'm sure its a very different organisation from the last time. They should be judged on the merit of this bid.

  3. OK. I had to delete a comment making claims about Petar Bezjak. Please remember the golden rule "Don't get Colm sued" when you post here


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