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29 November 2010

Vermont win IDAS 2010

Vermont (John Sadek & Jessica Bullock) International Debate Academy Slovenia 2010 tournament in Ljubljana.  In the final they defeated Ljubljana (Filip Dobranic & Maja Cimernan) Ljublljana (Anna England Kerr & Crt Podlogar) and Belgrade (Goran Jankuloski & Pedrag Pevicevic).

Top 10 Speakers
1 Maja Cimerman
2 Filip Muki Dobranic
3 Marietta Gadeke
4 Eveline Dicu
5 Goran Jankulovski
6 Jessica Bullock
7 Anna England Kerr
7 Serban Pitic
9 Mlden Suleic
10 John Sadek

1. THW require migrants wishing to have European citizenship to pass language and value tests.
2. This House would return national treasures to their country of origin
3. This House believes that adoption agencies that receve state funding should give priority to same sex couples and infertile couples.
4. This House would require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users.
5. This House would refuse to negotiate with kidnappers and hijackers.
6. This House believes that Roma should be recognized as the first transnational minority in the European Union.
Qtrs: THBT Arabic nations should stop selling oil to France until it removes restrictions on Islamic dress.
Semis. THBT the ECB should have veto power over member states budgets
Finals. THBT the free market does not make the workers free.

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