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6 September 2010

Results of the Red Sea Open 2010

Ben Gurion University hosted the Red Sea Open 2010, with Anat Gelber as CA, and Will Jones and Can Okar as DCA's.

YMCA (Michael Shapira and Yoni Cohen Idov)

You Think You’re Oppressed (Neil Dewer and Hugh Burns)
~(:>0)X (Mollie Gerver and Ronit Prawer)
Shomer Effin Shabbos (Daniel Gindis and Gregg Roman)

Joint Best Speakers: Neil Jewer and Hugh Burns (Both Oxford)

Best ESL speaker: Yoni Cohen (Tel-Aviv University)

The motions:
R1: This house would actually build a mosque in Ground Zero
R2: This house believes that state subsidy for higher education should priorities students whose parents did not have higher education
R3: This house would allow the use of lethal force against intruders in defense of property.
R4: This house would not have a Facebook profile
R5: This house, which is China, would cease all political and economic support to North Korea
R6: This house believes that environmental terrorism is morally justified
SF: This house believes that multi national corporations should trade with rebel groups, and in the areas they control
F: This house would ban all forms of Missionary activity in Israel

It was a great week and we had lots of fun.
Thanks to everyone who contributed and especially to the amazing conveners, Yarden Olivero and Haya Eichler.

We would also like to thank Ben Gurion University for their financial support, as well as "Sia'h vaSig", for donating the financial prizes and subsidizing the arrival of additional excellent judges.
Hope to see you all again soon!

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