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10 September 2010

ANU Spring‏ Results

The Australian National University held their annual Spring Invitational last weekend - the results were as follows:

Winners: Sydney (Tim Mooney & Bronwyn Cowell)

Runners-up: Melbourne (Seamus Coleman & Kelly Butler), Monash (Chris Bisset & Amit Golder), Sydney (Julia Bowes & Dominic Bowes)

Best Speaker: Seamus Coleman
Best Novice Speaker: Kelly Butler

Top Ten:
1. Seamus Coleman
2. Amit Golder
2. Tim Mooney
4. Julia Bowes
5. Bronwyn Cowell
6. Chris Bisset
7. Claudia Newman-Martin
7. Kelly Butler
9. Kristen Price
10. Dom Bowes

Chief Adjudicator: Tim Jeffrie
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Matt Sherman

Round 1: This house would require prosepctive parents to obtain a license in order to have children
Round 2: This house would cease all public funding for the arts
Round 3: This house believes that Lady Gaga is bad for feminism
Round 4: This House believes that juries, not judges, should decide issues of constitutional law
Round 5: This house believes that the Mexican Government should legalise all drugs
Semi Final: This House believes that gene patenting should be illegal
Grand Final: This house believes that the Vatican should not be afforded the rights of a state

Full results available at:

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