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2 September 2010

Botswana Worlds 2011 : Adjudicator Subsidy Application Results


We've had strong interest from very capable adjudicators and we only wish we had money to subsidize more. We hope that those adjudicators who did not receive the subsidy would still be interested to attend and if any further opportunities for funding arises we will be contacting you. If you did not get a subsidy, it does not mean we think you are a bad judge - there were other considerations beyond our estimations of your judging ability.

To those of you who are receiving the subsidy, Congratulations and Welcome Aboard. Please let us know if your plans have changed and if you are no longer able to judge at Botswana Worlds. Also please make your travel arrangements as soon as possible. Remember, we are depending on you to bolster our adjudication pool, so if for any reason you think you will not be able to serve at Botswana Worlds, please do let us know so we may offer the opportunity to someone else.

We've offered Registration Waivers to some international applicants as well, in cases where they were requested or we felt we'd like you to come to Botswana but didn't have enough flight subsidies to give.

We will be writing to all of you soon to arrange the terms of the subsidy. If you do not receive an email from us within the week, please write to us (it could be a problem with the email address you provided or an overactive spam filter) at adjudication @

The list of successful candidates is available at


Chief Adjudicator
World Universities Debating Championships 2011

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