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6 September 2010

The 9th NLS Debate

The National Law School Debate (NLS-D), now on its 9th year, is India's biggest, most prestigious and wildest parliamentary debating tournament. With over 60 teams and participation from across South Asia, a world-class Adjudication Core, and the strongest pool of in-house judges in South Asia, NLS-D raises the bar every year.

The Literary and Debating Society of the National Law School, Bangalore, is pleased to open registratio...n for the 9th National Law School Debate, 2010 to be held from the 6th to the 10th of November, 2010. The NLS Debate has successfully established itself as India (and the subcontinent's) biggest and most competitive debating tournament, which has raised the standard of debate in South Asia in the Asian Parliamentary Debate format. Through the introduction of international adjudication core members and teams, the NLS Debate has always been the trendsetter in the South Asian debate circuit.

This year, we're hoping to continue that tradition and alongside our usual legendary break night and stellar adjudication core, we are also trying to lighten the load on your pocket - with a flat rate of registration for domestic and international participants, as well as deals worked out with our partner airline Jet Airways, we hope to make this easy to access for South East Asia, and provide a platform for a pan Asian debate.

Here's the information you will need –
Registration for participants has two components - the basic cost of INR 600 / USD 12 that covers the rounds of debating, meals as well as the socials; this sum, following the registration, will be expected to be completed through a wire transfer. The remaining sum can be paid upon arrival in Bangalore.

The remaining registration amount of INR 1000 / USD 20 shall cover accommodation in Bangalore for the duration of the tournament, and 'crash' accommodation can also be availed of, which would entail sharing of a hostel room at a reduced cost.

The details regarding the registration payment as well as the accommodation shall be part of, amongst other things, the tournament package that will be sent to every successfully registering institution.

Further, anyone wishing to avail subsidized fares is urged to mail us immediately at, so the information can be forwarded to our Airlines partner.

So, why should you come to the NLS Debate?

1) It's BIG - With a team cap of 80, and an institution cap of 3 teams, this is South Asia's biggest debate, showcasing the depth and breadth of debating in this part of the subcontinent. The returns are proportionally huge, with prize money totaling to INR 150,000 / USD 3300.

2) Our adjudication - We have South Asia's most experienced Adjudication pool, which has members that have broken at UADC, AUDC, All-Asians, WUPID and Worlds - all under one roof, and all of them will be around to judge 7 preliminary and 4 break rounds of Octos, Quarters, Semis and Finals.

Adjudication Core
Logandran Balavijendran - Asian Champion and a Worlds Chief Adjudicator not once, but TWICE. He's going to be the CA of WUDC in Botswana this year, and we're tickled to have him come down for NLS D. Oh, and if you're looking for more about him, he has also been an Australs CA, been a DCA for UADC and AUDC, has been an Australs finalist, a DCA at the Asians BP, a Worlds Octofinalist and a Worlds top 20 speaker.

Suthen Tate Thomas - he has been an Asian Champion, a Worlds DCA, an Australs finalist, a Worlds Octofinalist, a DCA for the Australs, and has been one of the shining examples of Asian debating at its best across the many years that he has been an active force in the Asian and Australasian Debate Circuit. Is also one of the best drinkers of beer, and starter of many infamous 'boat races' involving beer.

We've also invited Ahyoung Kim and Satya Venugopal to come down as our guests for this tournament. Both are slated to be DCAs for UADC 2011 next year. Satya was the best speaker at UADC this year as well as a finalist, while Ahyoung is the CA for Australs next year, and has been a Worlds Quarterfinalist judge. Joining them, we’re going to have various NLS Alumni who’ve taken the tournament to where it now is.

3) It's FUN - With a legendary break night party with flowing alcohol that is the social event of the debate calendar in addition to an opening night dinner, and a closing Championship party along with all sorts of crazy happenings (such as quizzes, a masters tournament, etc.) Also, the NLS Debate is starting right after Diwali, and international teams would be advised to drop down a day early to chill out and watch India's grandest festival, the festival of lights and joy (and delicious food and sweets).

4) Our experience - We have been doing this for the last 8 years, and each year our level of hospitality has ensured that each team gets picked up and dropped, gets accommodation and meals for the entire duration of the tournament. We shall leave no stone unturned to ensure that your time at the NLS D is absolutely enjoyable.

5) For novices – Knowing that not everyone has debated before, we know that some of you might question the wisdom of coming to NLS D if you've never done this before. We recognise that this isn't just about the fun and the competition - it is about developing debating and the kind of skills that go with it. Mindful of that, we have a separate novice break for all those who haven't done this before (or have only done it once before), and there will be a separate break for novice teams with Quarter, Semi and Final rounds.

IMPORTANT - Registration:
Facebook Group

Contact Information –
1. Badrinarayan Seetharaman, Convenor - +91 99860 55149
2. Pranav Ravikumar, Joint Convenor - +91 99867 86165
3. Vipul Nanda, Press and Publicity - +91 80950 24731

We look forward to seeing you in Bangalore!

The Literary and Debating Society,
The National Law School of India University,
Bangalore, India.

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    9th NLS Debate, 2010: IIT Bombay Wins, Pockets the 27000 Prize Money


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