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2 September 2010

Botswana Worlds 2011 : Clarification on the Wait List.

From the Registration Team

There are a few changes to the wait list - we have been informed that there were a few duplicates and some teams have pulled out. A lot of you who registered twice (sometimes using acronyms or slightly different names for your second registration) have still not owned up. We are not going to punish you, but we want to hear from you before we remove a duplicate account. Not informing us is terribly irresponsible because it means a legitimate institution has to wait longer to get a spot. Please, if you have registered twice, Let Us Know.

Please log into the online registration website and check to make sure that your account is correct.  Universities with missing or seemingly strange information have been notifed, but some emails bounced back, so please double check.  If there are errors don't worry, we can fix them. But if we cannot contact you and you do not contact us, we will assume you are not interested in attending Worlds and will deactivate your account.

Detailed instructions to wait listed teams
  1. If you are on the wait list and are planning to attend Worlds - you have 1 week to inform us (until the 9th of September 10 GMT). If we do not hear from you by then, we will assume you have pulled out and will give your spot to someone else. If you pay us without first informing us you are planning to attend, we might give away your place and cannot guarantee we will have a place for you. We also cannot guarantee we can refund money you paid for a spot you did not first claim. If you not planning to attend, please do the responsible thing and inform us so we can give your spot to someone else.
  2. If you are planning to attend Worlds and want to send more teams - inform us and we will make a note of that. In a month or once we get to the end of this list, we will give out more spaces to interested institutions.
  3. After informing us of your intention to attend, please initiate payment. You have until the 14th of September (10 GMT) to send us the money. Immediately after making payment, please send us your proof of payment. When you submit your proof of payment you need to do two things.  
    1. Email the proof, with your institution name, to  
    2. Upload the scanned copy to your registration payment page.  If you don't identify your institution on your payment we won't be able to track it and it will cause delays.  If we do not receive at least your proof of payment by the 14th of September you will be dropped and another institution will be offered your spot. It's your responsibility to ensure you have sent us your payment, not ours to keep checking with you.
  4. Payment instructions:  Go to this link to see our bank details.  This is the only way to get the money to us.
Do us a favor please, if you have paid just double check one more time to make sure everything is right inside of the online rego site.  If you don't do this, and we have made a mistake, then there is no way we know to correct it.  Just let us know and we'll reply right away and get it worked out. 
I'm sorry this waitlist promotion has been a long time coming.  The delay was mainly caused by many institution sending us money without letting us know where this money was coming from.  We've done our best to track down everyone we have gotten money from and hope that the delay was not too annoying. 

This announcement the list of waitlist teams is available on the front page of

Registration Team
Botswana Worlds 2011

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