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24 August 2010

UNNC Cup 2010

Dear Debating Community,

Greetings from UNNC Cup Group! We're glad to announce the arrangement of UNNC Cup this September.

Our competition is to be held in the Nottingham University Ningbo, China from Sept 17th to Sept 19th.

Format: British Parliamentary
Team Cap: 32
Institution Cap: 4

Sept 16th Thursday

Sept 17th Friday
Round1 to Round 3

Sept 18th Saturday
Round 4 to Round6

Sept 19h Sunday
Round 7, Semi-Finals and Final

UNNC Cup is intended to provide an opportunity for nationwide universities and high schools to debate and enhance our communication. This time, we would highly recommend universities and individuals in Southern China to consider our invitation. As the Southern Part did not have that much chances of debating tournament, we suppose this is a great choice for you to prepare for NEAO 2010.

Adjudication Core
Loke Wing Fatt, Chief Trainer/CA
Fiona He (BJUT), DCA
Zheng Bo, DCA
Samual Chiang, DCA
Alcal Wang
Ivan Ouyang
Logan Fu
Crystal Zhao
James Xu

Registration Period: Present to September 14th 2010 22pm GMT+8

Registration Fee: 100RMB for debaters
50RMB for accompanying adjudicators
500RMB for observers
* All registration fees do not include meals and accommodation.

Registration E-mail Address:

You need to send the Registration Form to the email box above. All registration fees should be submitted the day you arrived at UNNC (the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China).

For detailed information, please look at the attached Invitation Letter. Teams that have already got our announcement and signed for team caps, please refer to the Invitation Letter for the updated information of hotel.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

See you in Ningbo!

Best Regards,

Ni Chong (Alison)
Convenor of UNNC Cup2010
(+86)150 5889 6283

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