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24 August 2010

OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to update you all on the OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship.

1) Dates: 14th 19th December 2010.

2) Eligibility: All OIC Member Counties. Maximum three universities with one team each.

3) Country Registration Deadline: 1st September 2010.

4) Team Registration Deadline: 1st November 2010.

5) Registration Fees: There is no registration fee for the tournament. Participants will bear their own expenses for their trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) will provide accommodation for the participants free of charge.

6) How do we select which are the three universities from a country?: Ministry of Foreign Affairs will choose the institutions. Any interested university is requested to liaise with their Foreign Ministry to secure a spot. A selection tournament is advisable for countries where more than three institutions are interested to participate. This will have to be done at the country level. The IIUM is more than willing to advise on how this may be done. The IIUM will not provide any financial support for this.

7) Current progress: Official invitation letters have been sent to the Foreign Ministries of all countries. The IIUM is now in the process of receiving the Country Registration Form. Country Registration Form is to be filled in by a nominated government agency which may be an official from Foreign Ministry/ Education Ministry or any Debate related person assigned by the government.

8) Website: More details and forms are available at the

9) Our Contact:,,

10) Our Communication Officer: Khadijah Syamsul (

Thank you.

(On Behalf of Communication Officer)
1st OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship 2010
International Islamic University Malaysia

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