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19 August 2010

PAUDC 2010: Registration Opens

On behalf of the PAUDC organising committee, it is my pleasure to formally invite you to PAUDC 2010, taking place from December 4th – 11th, 2010 at Windhoek, Namibia.

All debates will be in standard British Parliamentary format. with an effort to take some debates off campus. There will be a cap of 140 teams. There will be seven preliminary rounds, will then break to Octo-finals. Awards will be given to the champions, finalists, adjudicators and top 5 speakers.

Adjudication team
The Chief Adjudicator of this year’s tournament is Joe Roussos. Joe's accomplishments include: South African National Universities Debating Championship best speaker and Worlds EFL finals judges. Our Deputy Chief Adjudicators will be Harish Natarajan (University of Cambridge) Claire Hawkridhe (former Rhodes and Stellenbosch) Thoriso M-Afrika, (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University).

Their extensive experience are second to their passion which will make this worth attending!

We have reserved 20 slots for international teams and that at least 4 judges and teams can break, since it is a fantastic tournament to participate before Worlds 2011 since the distance is minimal and a good training opportunity!

Guest adjudicators
We strongly encourage exposed and experienced judges to this debating championship and we have reduced the fee by half.

To experience our landscape and culture in style, we have a line up for everyone with different preferences. (Check here for updates)

More Information

For a complete detail on the event, please add your institution to our mailing list. Hope to see lots of you there! And any questions, visa requirements please send to Facebook group annual pan African debating championship and twitter.

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