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4 July 2010

Botswana Worlds 2010 : Adjudicator Subsidies


Botswana Worlds 2010 is inviting qualified adjudicators to apply for adjudication subsidies. The detailed criteria and procedure is available on our website at and is replicated below.

Also, we are very close to releasing a full list of successfully registered teams and publishing a finalized wait list. We are sorting out duplicate entries on the list, teams with eligibility concerns and teams that have spots guaranteed because of the slow internet policy and because they are the only representatives of their institutions. Very few of the institutions with duplicate entries have gotten back to us to clarify their status - those that haven't we assume are trusting us to do the right thing, whatever that may be.


Chief Adjudicator
Botswana Worlds 2011

Botswana Worlds is offering adjudication subsidies to qualified adjudicators in order to expand the quality of our adjudication pool. The purpose of this subsidy is to improve our adjudication pool by funding talented and experienced adjudicators who are unable to attend due to a lack of funds. There are two categories of subsidies.

A) Regional Adjudicators

  • This applies to adjudicators in Southern Africa.
  • This subsidy is limited to a full registration waiver and in very special circumstances a subsidy for travel.
  • We are looking for 30 capable adjudicators.

B) International Adjudicators

  • This applies to adjudicators outside Southern African
  • This subsidy includes a full registration waiver and up to 1000 USD for travel.
  • We are looking for 30 capable adjudicators.

Adjudicator Subsidy Application Process


  • Must have have attended WUDC in the past, either as a debater or adjudicator.
  • Must have judging experience at WUDC or other large BP tournaments, preferably those that are international in nature.
  • Must show capacity to chair debates and adjudicate beyond preliminary rounds. This can be done by detailing your experience at WUDC or tournaments of similar standard.
  • Must not be part of the N-1 requirement of any contingent. All subsidized adjudicators should come as independents

We will choose adjudicators who

  • Meet all the criteria above.
  • We believe have the capacity to chair rounds and break.
  • Will be responsible and dependable adjudicators
  • Can show that receiving this subsidy is integral to their chances of attending Worlds.


Send a cover letter and CV to adjudication @ before the 10th of August 2010. You should declare that you meet all the requirements above and explain why we should choose you.

Please note that subsidized adjudicators are also required to take the adjudication test and granting of a subsidy does not guarantee you will break a the tournament.

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