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2 July 2010

Amsterdam EUDC practical info, program, arrivals

Only 11 more days before Euros kicks off with a public debate with Moreno-Ocampo in the prestigious Rode Hoed on the Keizersgracht. If you want to be present at this event, please register at .

This email gives a lot of practical information about Amsterdam EUDC, discussing the judges and debaters instructions, ESL applications, room assignments and what to pack for Euros. We will tell you more about our program, which can also be found on our website: Lastly, you can find more information on Arrivals day at the end of this email.

If you have any questions about the contents of this email or any other thing concerning Euros, please contact us at We are looking forward to meeting you in a bit more than a week!

With kind regards,
Anne Valkering
Convener Amsterdam EUDC 2010


The judges instruction is online and so is the judging test. All judges should have received an invitation to the test. If not, please contact your delegate representative first and otherwise You can find a judging instruction on our website: . A debaters instruction will follow shortly, and will also be available on our website, in the participant section. We will notify you through Facebook once the instruction is online.

There are 240 people who have not told us when and where they will arrive in Amsterdam yet. This means that we do not know how many people we will need to pick up at any given time, which might mean that we have not factored in enough busses from Schiphol to the hotels. We really do not want to leave you stranded in Schiphol for an hour to wait on the next bus. But to prevent that from happening, so tell us when you are arriving at 

The deadline for applying for ESL status will be tonight. If you have not filled out the ESL section of your personal details form at by tonight, you will not be able to apply for ESL status during the tournament. There are six people who have not yet filled out that section of the registration form, they are from KoƧ University, MSAL, University of Split and Yeditepe University

We have sent out the hotel and room assignment emails to everyone. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder. If this cannot be the explanation, please contact us at for more information. If you would like to change something about your room assignment, please contact us at the email address above before July 2, i.e. tomorrow, as we will then be able to make some changes. We cannot guarantee that we can cater for all wishes, but we will do our best. If you contact us after July 2, we will not be able to make any changes between the hotels, and changes within the hotels will be hard as well.

If you are considering what to pack for Amsterdam Euros, please check our program, as it gives an indication of dress codes for all of the events at Euros. In general, most of our program sets no requirements whatsoever. We would like to ask you, however, to dress up smartly for the public event with Moreno-Ocampo and to wear black tie at the final. Do bring some party and clubbing clothes, as we will take you on tours of Amsterdam’s nightlife. Otherwise, it is probably wise to assume that the weather will change at some point during the tournament, as it usually does about every two days. Plan for cold as well as warm weather (we are currently in a heat wave) and definitely assume it will rain at least one day. Some days involve a bit of walking, so you might want to bring comfortable shoes as well. A large part of Amsterdam’s city centre consists of cobblestones that are not easy to master on high heels.


We have published the full schedule for Amsterdam EUDC on our website: It includes information about all the socials, as well as dress codes (when relevant).

The first official day of the tournament is Monday July 12, Arrivals Day, when we will pick you up from Schiphol and bring you to your hotels for registration. Please find more information about arrivals and the days before below. The start of the tournament will be the public event with Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. He will discuss the trade-off between peace and justice and why he chose the latter in the case of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army. We would like to ask you to dress smart for this special guest, who is making his first ever public appearance of this kind. The event starts at 8 pm in De Rode Hoed which has 450 seats available, so please register at There will be plenty of opportunity to relax and chat with old friends with a drink after the public event ends at 10 pm. If you could not make it to the public event, there is an alternative bar between De Rode Hoed and the Westermarkt, where our busses are leaving from: De Vergulde Gaper.

The tournament itself starts on Tuesday with four preliminary rounds at the Vrije Universiteit. Breakfast will be at the VU, and busses depart at 7:15 am to the university. At 9.00 am we will start the opening ceremony. At 9.45, we begin with round 1. It is therefore absolutely imperative that you do not miss the morning bus.

Arrivals Day

Pre-Arrivals: Some 150 people have indicated they are arriving one or more days before the 12th of July. We will not provide accommodation during the days before the 12th, although we can reserve a room for you in one of our hotels. We will not pick you up from Schiphol, but information on how to get to the hotels can be found on our website: If you do not want to make use of our hotel, information on hostels and hotels for 25 Euros per person or less can be found on our website: Please make sure to book a room before you leave, as most of these hotels will be fully booked in the middle of summer. We would like to invite all those who are already in town to join us in watching the World Cup final on Sunday the 11th. The location depends on whether the Netherlands will be in the final, and will be announced later.

Arrivals: We will have an information booth at Schiphol in the NS service desk, the national railway services. Just go to the main plaza (called Schiphol Plaza) and find the NS (a yellow and blue booth) and you will find us. We will direct you to the busses to the hotels. Busses start leaving from 9 am onwards, and end at 10 pm. If you are arriving before or after those times, we will organise alternative transportation. The busses will pass by both hotels and you can register at either one of the hotels. That’s all you need to do on Monday as there is no mandatory program. We will not provide you with lunch or dinner during Arrivals day.

If you are arriving at a different place than Schiphol, you can do one of two things: buy a train ticket to Schiphol for about € 3.80 and go to the main plaza: we will wait for you there and direct you to the busses. Trains to Schiphol run every 10 minutes and take about 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. Or you can travel to the hotel you were assigned to, with the information on our website, or taken from

The Language Committee is chaired by Isa Loewe this year. ESL interviews will start on Sunday the 11th and continue on the 12th. You should receive an invitation for an interview before the start of the tournament. The interviews will take place in both hotels. The times on the schedule are still provisional, as they depend on when those of you who need to be interviewed arrive. There will be no interviews during the public debate, and anyone who was unable to do an interview on Monday can do an interview on Tuesday during lunch.

Pre-Council will take place from 6 to 8 in De Rode Hoed, the same location as the public event. Country representatives will be transported to the location by bus and we will provide you with dinner, as you will have no time to eat between Pre-Council and the public event. The agenda for Pre-Council and Council will be announced by the President of Council, Jens Fischer.

Amsterdam EUDC 2010
Vendelstraat 2
1012 XX Amsterdam

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