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7 June 2010

Korea bid to host Australs 2011

The Korean Intervarsity Debate Association (KIDA) and Chung Ang University (CAU) is proud to announce its intent to bid for the Austral-Asian Chamipionship 2011 in Seoul, Korea.

The Korean debating community is a young but vibrant society, and in the relatively short past has achieved much domestically and internationally. KIDA, established in 2006, is a fully student run body representing all debate institutions in Korea. KIDA conducts monthly meetings of all members, debate workshops, provides adjudicators for highschool and middle tournaments, hosts the national High School tournament and runs a National Championships twice a year - the most recent KNC was held a month ago and featured 79 teams. KIDA will be supporting Australs by providing expertise and staff.

CAU is one of the most active supporters of debate in Korea. They hosted successfully hosted the All-Asians in 2007, the only institution in North East Asia to have done so so far. They believe in the academic value of debate and have integrated it into the syllabus for their students. In order to ensure we have enough rooms for Australs, CAU has agreed to cancel a day of classes - such is their dedication to ensuring the success of Australs 2011.

The tournament will be hosted in the CAU campus, located right on the Han river in the center of Seoul. Participants are guaranteed to be immersed in "Sparkling Korea, Soul of Asia" during their stay here.

Here are some details :

1) Hosting Institution : Chung Ang University, Seoul Campus -
2) Date : 6~14 July, 2011
3) Convenor : Nam Chul Kim (Chungang University) / Minjae Matthias Yoo (Yonsei University)
4) Adjudication Core : Chief Adjudicator : Ah Young Kim (DCA, UADC 2010 / Grand Finals judge, UADC 2009), DCA : Sharmila Parmanand (DCA , Australs 2010) / Amit Golder (Champion, Australs 2009).
Two more DCAs will be selected through an open nomination process.
5) Contact us :
- Join our FB group! at :!/group.php?gid=113390198689224
- Follow us on Twitter! Sear for : Koreaaustrals
- You can also email us at

Our website will be announced very soon!

Korea Australs 2011 Bidding Committee


  1. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Which Korea?

  2. Well only one has a city called Seoul and free speech so I'd say South.

    That said if the North keep sinking ships it could all be one before we know it.


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