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7 June 2010

14th China National English Debating Championship 2010‏

128 teams, each from one Chinese university, took part in this year's 14th China National English Debating Championship 2010.  Held from 15th to 22nd May 2010 in Beijing, China,  the British Parliamentary (BP) Style was used for the first time, after 5 years  in which this Championship was competed in the American Parliamentary (NPDA) Style since 2005.

In the Grand Final, Ms Catherine Song and Mr Luka Noe (in the picture, with flowers in hand) from Tianjin Foreign Studies University defeated 3 other teams from the China Foreign Affairs University, the North-East University at Qin Huang Dao and the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

With this significant shift to the WUDC debate format, we can expect more Chinese debate teams competing globally.  This alignment of debate format with the rest of the world is also an important step for Chinese students to has an easier access to a larger competitive platform on which they could have many fruitful exchange of ideas with students from around the world.

Loke Wing Fatt
Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID)

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