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31 May 2010

PAUDC DCA applications now open!‏

Applications are now open for the three Deputy Chief Adjudicator posts at this year’s Pan-African Universities Debating Championship. The tournament will be hosted by the University of Namibia in Windhoek from 4-10 December.

PAUDC is both a regional tournament and a development project. It includes a training programme unmatched in the region and we plan to continue this trend in 2010. DCA applicants should therefore keep in mind that in addition to the usual organisational and judging duties of an adjudication team, they will be expected to be part of developing and running a training programme.

With Worlds coming to Botswana a short while after PAUDC 2010, this tournament forms a vital link between our local circuits and that competition. This is a critical opportunity for local judges to be trained in the Worlds marking range and to practice working with it before WUDC 2011.

We are looking for 3 DCAs for PAUDC 2010. In keeping with the regional nature of the tournament we are committed to regional diversity in our selection. We are also committed to expanding PAUDC as a tournament of international standards and quality. Non-African applicants are therefore welcome. These commitments inform the following criteria which will guide the selection of our DCAs:

A commitment to quality adjudication at PAUDC, with a focus on developing debating in Africa.

A commitment to introducing and maintaining international judging standards in regional debating. WUDC experience would be an advantage here.

A solidbackground in BP debating and/or speaking. WUDC experience would be an advantage here.

Organisational experience is a must, but it need not be related to debating.

The ability to go long periods without sleep or proper nourishment. ;)

Applicants should plan to be in Namibia up to a week before the tournament. In the month leading up to PAUDC, each DCA will work on a specific aspect of the training programme. It is therefore a requirement that applicants will be easily contactable and ready to work on planning the training programme in this period.

The application process:

Application phase (May 30th – June 20th)
Applicants should send a cover letter and debating CV to the CA. The cover letter should outline the applicant’s motivation for applying. It should also mention the challenges of being a DCA at a tournament like PAUDC and why the applicant can overcome them. The CV should include an outline of the applicant’s commitments up to December 2010 so as to ensure availability.

Review phase (June 20th – June 27th)
A list of applicants will then be published, while the CA reviews all applications. During this phase applicants may be contacted for more information.

The announcement of the DCAs for PAUDC 2010 will take place on June 28th 2010.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your application.


Joe Roussos
Chief Adjudicator
2010 Pan-African Universities Debating Championships

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