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11 June 2010

Haifa win 201 Israeli Nationals

Tel Aviv University hosted the 2010 Israeli Nationals, with Yoni Cohen-Idov as CA, and Haran Pilpel (Hebrew U) and Jonathan Braverman (IDC Herzliya) as DCA's.

Winners: Haifa A (Leor Sapir and Shiri Noyman)

Bar Ilan A (Amit Sochnatzky and Netanel Yaakov Hai)
Technion Turing (Amit Rahum and Gil Kerbs)
IDC C (Uri Feldman and Mila Finkelstein)

Semi Finalists:
BGU YO (Jordan Olivero and Ori Noked)
Tel Aviv B (Oren Elisha and Sivan Gazit)
Tel Aviv A (Yael Bezalel and Vered Shacham)
IDC B (Itzik Zarfati and Natalie Schneider)

Top speaker: Leor Sapir (Haifa A)

The motions:

Round 1: THW Nationalize energy resources
Round 2: THBT The Obama administration is good for Israel
Round 3: THBT Western media should refrain from portraying the image of Mohammed in ways that offend Muslims
Round 4: Given that the technology exists to identify any genetic trait, THW allow parents full discretion in choosing their embryos
Round 5: THBT Religious leaders who do not take an official part in the political sphere should refrain from expressing opinions on matters of security and foreign affairs
Round 6: THW Not convict those who utilized illegal means to expose war crimes
Semi-Final: THW Award work immigrants (both legal and illegal) Israeli citizenship in exchange for military service
Grand-Final: THW Lift the blockade off Gaza

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