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16 June 2010

Botswana Worlds : Final Registration Communique

Botswana Worlds 2011 Final Registration Communique

We are grateful for all the constructive feedback about Botswana Worlds that has poured in from around the world. This feedback is critical for us to be responsive to the needs of the WUDC community. With this in mind, there are a few key issues that need to be addressed.

  1. Firstly, an IMPORTANT CORRECTION. So pay attention. The correct time of all registration phases opening will be the Botswana/South Africa time (10:00am). HOWEVER, the corresponding GMT time is 8:00AM. Please ignore any information you may have received to the contrary.

    Still confused? Registration opens at 10:00AM Botswana/South Africa time. To find out what that translates into in terms of your local time zone, check the website.

  2. Registration Contact: Thato is going to be your main registration contact. Please email her directly at , or call her at +27760368316 or +26774100448. She will be getting back to you within a day, and if your inquiry cannot be answered by her it will be passed on up the chain of command.

  3. Registration System: We are now two weeks away from opening registration for Botswana Worlds. The registration team has been testing the process and software for the past few weeks and we are confident that it will run smoothly. We are using the same registration software and support that were used at Cork, Ireland, and Koc, Turkey. This registration system has been met with great approval in previous WUDC's and we expect the same for Botswana.

  4. How Many Teams? The team cap is 352 (multiple of 4). Please keep in mind the World's Constitution when registering. All team members must be from the same institution and eligible to debate according to the World's Constitution.

  5. Disability Information: This information is pertinent to those with mobility disabilities. Please contact us directly if you have specific questions.

    1. Gaborone, Botswana is not completely disability accessible. The biggest problems would be getting up and down curbs at intersections as not all of the curbs have ramps up to the side walk.

    2. That being said, all of the new buildings and residences on the UB campus we will be using are accessible with elevators. Additionally, we intend to have all those affected persons debate on the ground floor. Obviously, we can only accommodate you if prior requests have been made

    3. Ground transport.

The Organsing Committee shall provide for special transport plan during the tournament for all participants with special needs.

  1. Adjudication: Independent adjudicators should register with the online system AND email your Adjudication CV and brief cover letter detailing your desire/capacity to judge at Botswana Worlds 2011 to We are doing this to ensure judges who come as independents will contribute to the judging pool and are not observers/tourists. This is more of a filter rather than a ranking or qualification system. 

We will open applications for judge subsidies after the initial registration phase. Everyone interested to judge can apply for these subsidies, regardless of your registration status (n-1 judge, independent judge, unregistered judge). More info to come before the first payment deadline.

  1. Payment: Registration payment will be accepted by Wire Transfer. For any clarifications on finances email Taylor at: Please keep in mind with wire transfer that you must submit a scanned copy of the wire transfer BEFORE the payment deadlines. A good way to avoid this is to send the wire transfer a week before it is due so it is reflected in our account before the payment deadline. Our bank details are listed below. It is mandatory to quote the transfer reference number for easy identification of Botswana Worlds 2011 transactions by the finance team.

Account name: University of Botswana

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank

Bank Postal Address: P O Box 1529, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa

Account Number: 0100110109600

*Transfer Reference number: WS57

Branch Name: Mall Branch

Branch Code: 662167


All transactions must be through Wire transfer only.

For any information regarding payments please contact the following Botswana Worlds Org. Comm. Members;

Mr.Tebogo Taylor Mogotsi

Deputy Convenor-Finance and Sponsorship, Botswana Worlds 2011


Cell: +267 726 85 700, +267 73633098

Mr Justice Motlhabani

Convenor, Botswana Worlds 2011


Cell: +267 72467417, +267 79208118

  1. Travelling to Botswana: Please start looking at travel costs now. The sooner you can get your tickets the more you will save. We shall be confirming and posting on our website travel discount packages for Botswana Worlds delegates with Air Botswana, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian airlines and South African airways .Travel discounts shall be in the ranges of 10-30 per cent when bookings are made directly with the mentioned airline companies. Botswana Worlds travel discounts shall include return ticket packages to Gaborone from all the major cities of the world. Access to Gaborone, Botswana at this time shall be easier than before due to recent airports developments at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone and Oliver Tambo International in Johannesburg, South Africa. More direct flights to Botswana from major world cities are also in the pipeline, thus travelling to Botswana will be more fun. Delegates who wish to take 5 hour bus from Johannesburg must inform the transport director in due course, the bus package shall also be included in the travel packages on our website.

Botswana Worlds in partnership with the Botswana Tourism board will also offer post worlds travel packages for those participants who intend on taking extended stays to tour Botswana and Southern Africa's tourist destinations. This information and packages shall be availed in our website.

Chief Adjudicator
Botswana Worlds 2011

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