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16 June 2010

The 2nd Bangalore Circuit Debate‏

After successfully hosting the 1st Bangalore Circuit Debate in May, we're back again, to try and imbibe and spread the styles and lessons learned from the UADC and introduce them to Bangalore debaters.

It is therefore our proud honour to invite you to the 2nd Bangalore Circuit Debate (BCD). We hope to continue this idea of a small, decentralized debate which can act as a developmental tournament for new debaters, new styles and new formats. In keeping with this aim, We will also be having a panel discussion on Indian and International debating styles.

When: Friday-Sunday, 25-27 June 2010,
Where: Christ University, Bangalore
Format: Asian 3-on-3 format (will follow UADC norms)

- 16 team cap.
- N=1 Adjudicator Rule applies for all teams
- Cross and Open teams allowed
- 4 Prelim rounds with a break to semi-finals

Registration: Rs 100 per head.

Tentative Schedule:
Fri, 25th - 3.30 - Orientation & Round 1
Sat, 26th - 12-6.30 pm- Panel Discussion, Rnd 2 & 3
Sun, 27th - 9 am-6.30 pm - Rnd 4, Semis & Finals.

Apart from a strong and experienced judge pool, we are also proud to introduce our extremely experienced adj core:

Dipti Ramesh has been a quarter-finalist at the NLS Debate-2010, was CA of Christ University PD-2009, DCA of Christ University PD - 2010, ranked top 10 as an adjudicator at IITB PD 2009 and is currently Convenor of the Christ University Debating Society.

Nishita Vasan broke as a judge to the Quarter-finals at Koc Worlds, and judged the EFL Finals at Asian BP-2009. She has extensive experience at local tournaments, having won best adj at the MSR Memorial-2010, and broken to the quarter-finals at the IITB Debate-2009.

Nitya Chidambaram broke to the quarters at All-Asians-2008 as a speaker, was ranked 12th on the speaker tabs there. She also broke to the quarters at IIT Delhi Debate-2008, judged the semifinals of the MSR Memorial-2009, judged the Novice finals at MSR Memorial-2010, was a subsidy judge at IITB-2009, judged the finals of the Christ School of Commerce Debate, and has participated at numerous internationals, including UADC and Oxford.

Pranav Pai broke at All-Asians-2008, was a finalist at MSR Memorial-2010, semi-finalist at the Christ University PD-2008, was a DCA of Christ University PD-2009, DCA at the RV Debate Tournament-2010, Best Adjudicator at Premchand Memorial International PD 2009 and NUJS International PD 2010. He was also a Quarter-Finalist at IITD-2008 and has extensive judging experience in the 3-on-3 format.

To run the tabs, we will have Skanda Prasad as Tab Director. Skanda broke to the quarters at UADC, was 2nd ranked adj at the MSR Memorial-2010, was a DCA at the 1st Bangalore Circuit Debate, where he also ran the tab, was a DCA at the Nitte Debate-2010.

Pre-registrations have already opened, and we have received an extremely strong response, with teams from across India confirming their participation. Please do register your teams at the earliest. Details and updates can be found on the Facebook group

See you in Bangalore!

On behalf of the Bangalore PD Circuit,

Skanda Prasad
+91- 99164 11810

Dipti Ramesh
Christ University
+91- 93416 21228

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