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3 January 2010

Sydney are the 2010 World Debating Champions

The 2010 World Debating Champions are:

Sydney A (Chris Croke and Steve Hind) on a 7-2 Split


  1. Minority went for Oxford A. Apparently it was bloody close - adj took close to three hours!

  2. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Hard luck Oxford, Harvard and LSE!!!

  3. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Hard luck Cormac Early from Harvard. 2 years in the final without a win!

  4. Sarah9:07 pm

    Well done to everyone for reaching the final. Especially the two Irish lads - Cormac and Art.

  5. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Anonymous @ 9:04:

    Same is true of JLM from Oxford.

  6. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Congratulations to all concerned!

  7. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Well done Sydney - a great swan song for Croke and Hind.

  8. Anonymous11:01 pm

    I had the pleasure of Adjudicating the now World Champions at WUPID. Well Done Chris & Steve!

  9. I missed Jens' FirstPropInTheFinal blog. Twitter wasn't quite the same!

  10. Anonymous8:58 am

    too bad Monash didn't reach the finals but still, cheers to Sydney! i heard it was the best finals ever...

  11. Anonymous8:59 am

    i wish someday, debaters from ateneo will reach grand finals and win... it will be a great history for an asian team if that will happen

  12. Anonymous9:52 am

    @ Irene: 1stpropinthefinal was Ciaran's blog from Vancouver Worlds. Jens' was Your German Correspondent.

    @ Anonymous @ 8:59: Don't forget that a debater from an Asian country (not just nationality, but brought up there until university) was in the final and topped the speaker tab this year! And also that Singapore Institute of Management were in the final in 2004.

  13. Anonymous11:02 am

    @ Anon 8:59 - Rajesh Krishnan and Amit Bhatia (Singapore Institute of Management) reached the finals of NTU Worlds 2004. Li Shengwu is a Singaporean. Tan Wu-Meng, also a Singaporean (representing Cambridge then), was Worlds finalist and Best Speaker at Stellenbosch Worlds 2003. So Asians have had success at Worlds.

  14. @Anon 09.52 (why the need for anonymity when making a factual correction?) - ooops sorry, I did know that - I spent all of that final clicking between them. That was last night post-supper-with-wine.

    @Colm - thanks as always for all the sane, careful and measured reporting - I may end up with a whole array of links across the screen at Worlds time but yours is the only one on my computer which sits there permanently!


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