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3 January 2010

And next it's Botswana

And so the 2010 World Debating Championships have concluded in Turkey. Next year it's Botswana. Twitter helped get info out but at times there were some delays, inaccuracies or missing information. I understand that Tuna at Global Debate plans to have a live video from that championships so hopefully we'll all get to watch the final and other debates. I'll talk to Tuna and Justice in Botswana and we'll see if we can come up with a coordinated effort on reporting from the championships to avoid the confusion we saw on break night.


  1. Twitter is as good as the people getting info out. A few of those present at wudc tweeted so it was almost realtime, but a livestream video-connection would be awesomest.

  2. Indeed twitter worked very well for the final results. Probably the fastest other them actually sitting there as i did last year.

  3. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks for keeping those who couldnt make it up to date! I dont debate - but my brother is at Worlds and was great to keep track of his status! Thank you so much!

  4. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Did anyone else find it strange that there were no women in the final or in the top 10 on the speaker tab?

  5. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Anyone know if the tab is available?

  6. Rumour here is that Snider has signed an exclusive deal with Botswana for coverage of Worlds next year. You won't be allowed report from the championships. Any comment?

  7. Anonymous7:34 am

    just want to say thanks for the updates :) Since my friends and bro at Worlds arent exactly tele-communication friendly, my main source of info has been your, and the others', tweets

  8. Anon @10:24 and Anon @7:34.
    You're welcome. I'm happy to hear people found the site useful.

    Anon @11:19.
    I just don't know. I'm too tired this morning to get into it but feel free to discuss.

    Anon @11:21.
    Hopefully later today or tomorrow. I'll e-mail again and ask. Remember the adjudication and tab teams have just finished a very busy month so a couple of days is not unreasonable.

    I have no information on that. If I am still running this blog next year I plan to cover Worlds. I hope to have some people reporting back. If I can't have video then so be it.

  9. Hello All,

    It is untrue that I have an exclusive deal with Botswana. I am simply offering to stream videos for free. I have always and always will work in cooperation with Colm and others who like to report.

    One thing I am thinking of is a daily live report with a panel discussing the day and I invite Colm to be a part of that. Then, we will archive the report.

    If we can stream other videos of debates and awards we will do that as well.

    Alfred Snider AKA Tuna

  10. Yeah thanks Colm for your great coverage. I would guess that Daniel's comment was a joke...?

  11. Hi Alfred,
    Thanks for the clarification. I'm getting really tired of "trolls" on the site for the past week trying to provoke a reaction.



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