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3 January 2010

Tel Aviv win ESL

Tel Aviv A (Yoni Cohen-Idov and Uri Merhav) have won the English as a Second Language competition at the 2010 World debating championships.


  1. Irene8:51 pm

    That's Yoni Cohen-Idov and Uri Merhav

  2. Thanks. I've added their names

  3. Wow - the same who broke as the top ESL team to the ENL Final at Euros - what a great year for them!

  4. Worlds8:08 pm

    They are an incredible team, they deserve the win.

  5. Anonymous11:18 pm

    They are an incredible team, and from their performance in the competition as a whole, and at worlds and in the semi final I would agree they deserve the win, however I can't help feel the call for the ESL final is /very/ controversial. It's not at all as obvious, even, as the call in the final itself. I would suggest viewing it carefully when it comes on to youtube (or something similar) and trying to figure out how the call was made. One of the panel I spoke to said the thought was that both bottom half teams were internally inconsistent in some manner, and 1st prop (Tel Aviv) successfully handled 1st opp. It was, however, a very odd way to prop the motion, as it led the door wide open for someone to make the point made by 2nd opp that it renders it sll but impossible to learn from history.


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