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18 December 2009

Worlds Council

Dear all

I have just read with surprise a post announcing an interim team for Worlds Council. I was not consulted before it was posted.

In my note on this blog on November 21st, I announced my intention to stand down from Chair at Council in Turkey. I further announced that the Registrar, Adiba Shareen, would take over my duties as Chair in Turkey according to established practice.

I informed the Worlds Council Emeritus members directly by email on the 20th and I informed Can Okar of this directly by telephone on the 22nd.

Updated at 17.05: I will restrict myself to these statements of fact. I have written to Can Okar asking him for clarification on what has happened. I have written to Ian Lising, Adiba Shareen and others. Hopefully a way forward can be found quickly.

Neill Harvey-Smith
Chair, Worlds Council

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