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18 December 2009

1st East Asia Inter-Varsity Invitational English Debate Competition 2009

The 1st East Asia Inter-Varsity Invitational English Debate Competition 2009 was held from 10th to 13th Dec 2009 in Macau at the Institute of Tourism Studies. Organised by the Tertiary Education Services Centre (Gabinete de Apoio ao Ensino Superior) of the Macau Government, 16 invited teams from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau competed in 5 preliminary rounds of debates conducted in the Worlds' style.

The Semi-Finalists were:
1) Team Multi-Media University
2) Team Ewha Women's University
3) Team Chulalongkorn University
4) Team Tokyo University
5) Team Ateneo De Manila University
6) Team Hong Kong University
7) Team University of Macau 1
8) Team University of Macau 2

The Champions, on a unanimous decision, were Mr Vincenzo Giorgio Tagle and Ms Shiveena Parmanand from the Ateneo De Manila University. The Runners-Up were Team Multi-Media University, Team Toyko University and Team Hong Kong University. The Best Speaker in the Grand Final was Mr Sandeep Chulani from the Hong Kong University.

The Top 5 Speakers were:
1. Mr Vincenzo Giorgio Tagle -- Ateneo De Manila University 392 points
2. Mr Tumo Raymond Moremedi -- Multi-Media University 391 points
2. Ms Shiveena Parmanand -- Ateneo De Manila University 391 points
4. Ms Pan Ziyang, Flora -- University of Macau 387 points
4. Mr Sandeep Chulani -- Hong Kong University 387 points

Breaking Judges in the Grand Final: Mr Rueben Clarke (Malaysia) , Ms Guai Singchi (Hong Kong), Mr Andrew Nishizaki (Japan), Mr TJ (Thailand), Mr Zhengbo (China), Ms Ah Young Kim (Korea), and Mr Loke Wing Fatt (Singapore).

Adjudication Core: Chief Adjudicator: Loke Wing Fatt (Singapore)
Deputy Chief Adjudicators: Ms Sharmila Parmanand (The Philippines), Ms Ah Young Kim (Korea) and Mr TJ (Thailand)
Tabulation Director: Mr Zheng Bo (China)

Motions for the Competition:
Demonstration Debate: This house believes that rape trials should be presided exclusively by female judges.
Round 1: This house believes that state-sponsored insurance policies should cover by-choice abortion.
Round 2: This house believes that terrorist suspects should have the right to a trial in civilian courts.
Round 3: This house would not allow undocumented immigrants to be eligible for financial aid for higher education.
Round 4: This house believes that armies should overthrow corrupt, dictatorial governments.
Round 5: This house would pay a wage to poor, full-time, stay-at-home parents.
Semi Final: This house believes that state media should provide airtime to extremist political parties.
Grand Final: THBT reduced American military presence in Asia is good for Asia.

Submitted by:

Loke Wing Fatt
Chief Adjudicator & Debate Consultant
1st East Asia Inter-Varsity Invitational English Debate Competition 2009

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