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9 December 2009

New Competition: Cork Open 2010

The UCC Philosophical Society is proud to announce that, for the first time and in addition to the legendary Cork IV, we will be hosting a Summer Open. With all of the food, fun and frolics you've come to expect from the Cork IV, except with sun (hopefully).

Taking place just two weeks before Amsterdam Euros, the Cork Open is the perfect opportunity to blow away some debating cobwebs, catch up with friends and enjoy all that Cork has to offer in the Summer. Being an Open, this is also the perfect chance to ditch your debating partner after a year of IVs and try your hand with someone from another, or no, university.

As the only Euros Prep competition in Ireland, we have decided to seek a CA of gravitas, experience and quality. Mr. Ross McGuire, DCA of Amsterdam Euros, will do the honours with a strong pool of local judges with successes at Worlds, Euros and IVs across Ireland and the UK.

The Cork Open will take place on the 25th & 26th June 2010. Any queries should be sent to Alanna Landers at .


  1. Anonymous7:24 am

    how if we want to join? where should we register?

  2. Best thing to do is e-mail

  3. Alanna Landers12:39 am

    Registration will open in April. All details shall be released closer to the time.

  4. Kukuh2:55 am

    I got no idea about the preceding debating competitions. can I have simple description what the next debating competition will be?


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