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10 December 2009

Great Serdang Debate Championship 2009

The Great Serdang Debate Championship 2009 has just concluded in UPM. The tourney saw 52 teams from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and was run on the British Parliamentary (Worlds) format.

Winners : Dengkil Institute for Cultural Improvement (Praba a.k.a Gigolo G & Prashant a.k.a. Balloons)
Runners-up : IIUM Gombak (Shaaber & Tasneem)
Finalists: NUS 1 (Rebecca & Sneha) NUS 2 ( Ashok & Jun Chung)

Semifinalists : KDU 1 ( Julius & Don Siron Pereira), Universitas Indonesia (Natalia & Lesly), , MMU Cyberjaya ( AlexXx & Fangz), & UT MARA Shah Alam ( Qajser & Izwan (Throng))

Overall Best Speaker : Teh Tian Yan (UCTI)

Finals Best Speaker: Prashanth Sreetharan 'Balloons' (DICI)

R1 : THW abolish vernacular schools
R2: THW allow doctors to charge higher service fees for patients who lead unhealthy lifestlyes
R3: THBT all countries have the right to own nuclear weapons
R4: THBT the hijab is a symbol of female oppresion
R5: THBT EU should remove all laws against holocaust denial.
Quarter-finals: THBT religious site are legitimate target military targets in times of war
Semi-finals: THW try Israel for war crimes
Grand Final: THW televised corruption trial against Malaysian public officers
Source: malaysian debaters mailing list.


  1. Dear World Debating @ Colm Flynn

    Typo errors for UT MARA Shah Alam speakers' names, *Qayser and Izwan (Throng). Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Izwan,
    Thanks for the correction. I have corrected the post.


  3. Alexxx7:33 am

    Sorry, one more correction. It's AlexXx (Triple X) from MMU not Alexx.

  4. I have corrected your name.

    But really..... I mean it's a bloody awful movie.


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