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8 December 2009

Sydney Mini Results‏

Sydney (Steve Hind & Chris Croke) have won the 2009 Sydney Mini tournament. 

In the final they defeated Monash (Steve Amit Golder & Tim Jeffrie), Sydney (Tim Mooney & Bronwyn Cowell) and Monash (Colette Mintz & Nita Rao). 

The semifinalists were Melbourne (Seamus Coleman & Duncan Kauffman), Queensland (Lauren Humphrey & Kristen Price), ANU (Claudia Newman-Martin & Matt Sherman) and ? (Brad Lancken & Hamish White).

Seamus Coleman of Melbourne topped the speaker tab


1. THS a surge in Afghanistan 

2. THBT the government should not fund IVF for infertile couples 

3. THW abolish defamation as a cause of civil action 

4. THS an independent Kurdistan 

5. THW bar current or former bank executives from financial regulation posts 

6. THW charge the poachers of endangered species with first-degree murder 

7.THW place trade sanctions on countries that refuse to ratify the Copenhagen Treaty 

Semi: THW not require child support payments from fathers who offer to pay for an abortion 

Final: THBT the government should forcibly remove women and children from extremist religious communities


  1. Anonymous4:09 am

    Tab is incorrect, however if you copy paste it out you can manually see the correct scores, and reorder them...

  2. That's interesting. The excel file on my harddisk is sorted one way but the uploaded file as sorted another way. I've fixed it. Thanks.


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