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18 December 2009

Koc WUDC 2010 Adjudication Briefing: Test

Dear all,

We are now nine days away from Worlds. The Adjudication Team has prepared an online briefing that we would like you all to read before you arrive in Turkey. There are important issues about debating that we hope to clarify before we come together for our actual briefing on the 28th December 2009. The document has been attached to this mail but for those that are scared of attachments, we have pasted it below this mail. It will go on our website shortly.

As an adjudication team, we also have one other thing to add for judges only:

Judges, the Adjudication Test is now online. You can find it at: . Please read the file attached or written out below before you take the test as we have asked questions about some of the information we provide in our online briefing. With clashes, try not to go overboard - you should include the institution at which you study/studied and the name of individuals who you cannot judge. We will not ask you why you have clashed them and what you write will be confidential. Having said that, do try to limit the number of people you cannot judge.

We are sorry about the delay with the test. This is entirely my (Can's) fault. I had trouble getting the file from Mini DV onto DVD and then to AVI and then to DixX. Because it is my fault, I have extended the deadline to the 22nd December 2009. If you can fill in your tests earlier, I would be ecstatic as we will be reading them as they arrive. I'd rather have a couple of days to concentrate on practicing the tab closer to the tournament.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon,

Chief Adjudicator of Worlds 2010

(Colm's note: There is a very good guide to accompany this.  I plan to post it but want to confirm with the adjudication team that they are happy for me to do so as it is their work).

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