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18 December 2009

Agenda for World Council 2010‏

To the debating community at Worlds,

Following an unusual set of circumstances, we have asked Ian Lising to send out the following mail. We have discussed this with both Ian and Colm Flynn, former Chairs of Council, and believe this is the best, given our Constitution. We would like to thank Ian for stepping out of retirement to do this for us and for Worlds in general:

"Dear Members of the World Debating Community,

By now, many of you are aware that the Chair of the World Debating Council, Mr. Neill Harvey-Smith, has resigned his position and will not be attending Worlds at Koc in the next fortnight. Unfortunately, I have been recently informed by the Koc Worlds Organizing Committee that the same could be said of the rest of the Council Executive Committee. This leaves us with the need to hold elections for an interim set of officers for the purposes of conducting Council business on 01.01.2010. This election will be held on the pre-council meeting on 12.28.2009.

I will be handling the interim issues of Council until the conclusion of the elections on 12.28.2010 in my capacity as World Council Member Emeritus.

I will also appoint an interim Council Equity Officer for issues that may arise from 12.26.2009 until the election.

Ian Lising
World Council Member Emeritus

Agenda for World Council 2010

Preliminary Council Meeting 12.28.2010

Distribution of Meeting Minutes from Council meeting of Worlds 2009

Roll Call
o Delegate Names
o Voting status

Elections for Council Executive Committee 2010

Institution review
o N-1 Review

Speaker Review
o 4 year rule
o ESL participants
o EFL participants

Distribution of 2012 Bid Materials


Council Meeting 01.01.2010
Roll Call
o Delegate Names
o Voting status

Worlds 2009 Minutes
o Vote to accept minutes

Cork Report & Accounts
o Cork Rep to report on Tournament
o Cork Rep to present final accounts

Koc Report & Accounts
o Koc Rep to report on Tournament
o Koc Rep to present initial accounts

Worlds 2011 Bid Defense
o Bid Defense Presentation
o Questions from council members
o Vote to Confirm Botswana as 2011 hosts

Bids for Worlds 2012
o De La Salle & Toronto present bids (order to be determined by random draw)
o Questions from Council Members
o Vote on hosts for Worlds 2012

Lunch Break

Constitution Review

Committee Reports
o Chair
o Registrar
o Secretary
o Women’s Officer
o Equity Officer
o Regional Reports

Other Business

2011 World Executive Committee Elections


We hope that we can get some good people to play an interim role to ensure that Worlds Council runs smoothly. We would also like to thank both Ian and Colm for their time and advice.


Fatih Mehmet Inal
Co-Convenor, The Vehbi Koc World Universities Debating Championship 2010
Tel: 00905323847547

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