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23 November 2009

Oxford Win Cambridge IV

Oxford (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Shengwu Li) have won the 2009 Cambridge IV. In the final they defeated ULU A, SOAS A, Oxford CH. UCU A won the English as second language (ESL) competition.

Breaking Teams
1 Oxford LLM
3 Manchester A
5 Yale A
6 TCD Hist A
7 De La Salle A
8 Oxford DK
9 Yale B
10 McGill A
11 Leiden A
12 Oxford CH
13 TCD Phil A
14 Erasmus A
16 Birmingham A

ESL Finalists:
1 Leiden A
2 Erasmus A
3 Utrecht B
4 Bonaparte A

R1: THW reduce welfare payments to parents whose children break the law.
R2: THB that it should be illegal to incite others to boycott an election.
R3: THW replay international sporting events if an extreme umpiring error affects the result.
R4: THBT the USA should pay war reparations to Vietnam.
R5: THW allow children over the age of 13 to obtain gender-reassingment surgery without parental consent.
QF: THB that California should create high schools that teach primarily in Spanish.
SF: THB the State should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to natural disasters.
ESL Final: THW allow the conception of children using the sperm of someone who has died.
Final: THB Western Nations should use military force to rescue journalists captured by the enemy.

Source: Achte Minute

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  1. Hasan9:16 am

    Can anyone please upload some of these debates at any file sharing website? PLease...please...please

  2. Anonymous11:25 am

    Is there a tab somewhere on the web?

  3. Anonymous11:20 pm

    The listing of ESL-finalists is not correct.

    Leiden A broke 1st and Erasmus A broke 2nd on the ESL-tab. Both teams were however not (allowed to participate) in the ESL final. Because they also broke 11th and 12th main and the organisation decided to follow WUDC-procedure.

    Therefore the ESL final included the 5th and 6th ESL teams: the eventual winners from UCU and the team Bonaparte B.

  4. Anonymous4:03 am

    One of the most biased tournaments ever seen. Well done. Oxford IV was so much more welcoming. Well-organised and refreshing, but adjudicators were disappointing.


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