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24 November 2009

CUSID BP Championships‏

The CUSID BP Championships were hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver on 20-22 November. There were 52 teams, representing 20 institutions at the championships.

Advancing to semifinals after 5 rounds were:
1. Alaska A (14 points)
2. Hart House A (12 points)
3. McGill A
4. McGoode A [McGill/Osgoode] (11 points)
5. Carleton A
6. McGill B
7. York A
8. Queens A (10 points)

Semifinal 1 included:
McGoode A (1st Gov)
*Alaska A (1st Opp)
*Queens A (2nd Gov)
Carleton A (2nd Opp)

Semifinal 2 included:
*Hart House A (1st Gov)
*York A (1st Opp)
McGill A (2nd Gov)
McGill B (2nd Opp)

The champion debate team on a 5-2 decision was Hart House (Richard Lizius & Ian Freeman).

The 3 finalists were:
*Receiving the 2 dissenting votes: Alaska (Michael Imeson & James Kilcup)
Queens (Christina Wadsworth & Sheldon McCormick)
York (Sarah Sahagian & Emmett Soldati)

The top 10 speakers after 5 preliminary rounds were:
10th Place: Ian Freeman of Hart House A
9th Place: Adam Coombs of Carleton A
8th Place: Andrew Lawrence of Carleton A
7th Place: Joshua Sealy-Harrington of UBC A
6th Place: Christina Wadsworth of Queens A
5th Place: Saro Setrakian of McGill [McGoode A]
4th Place: Brent Kettles of Osgoode [McGoode A]
3rd Place: Richard Lizius of Hart House A
2nd Place: James Kilcup of Alaska A
1st Place: Michael Imeson of Alaska A

The motions for CUSID BP Championships were:
Rd 1: THBT aboriginal lands belong to individuals rather than the band.
Rd 2: THS a common EU army.
Rd 3: THW outlaw arranged marriage.
Rd 4: THBT the United States should support China granting aid to African states.
Rd 5: THW legalize euthanasia.
Semis: THBT the new Kenyan Constitution should not include Islamic Family Courts.
Finals: THBT the government should be able to prosecute cases of sexual assault without the victim’s continuing consent.

Public Speaking Finals
1st Place: Ian Ireland (Albeds)
2nd Place: Sean Husband (McGill)
3rd Place: Trenton Millar (McGill)
Finalist – Akis Gialopsos (Alaska)
Finalist – Charlie Sprague (Claremont)
Finalist – Ian Hruday (Alberta)
Finalist – Robbie Less-Miller (Alberta)
Finalist – Mike Renaud (UVic)

Source: Shawn F. Briscoe

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