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22 November 2009

Victoria IV 2009 Results

The New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Champs (the Victoria IV) finished yesterday in Wellington. The Chief Adjudicator was Gareth Richards.

Winners: Victoria University of Wellington (Udayan Mukherjee and Paul Smith)

Runners-Up: University of Sydney (Pat Caldwell and Eliza Forsyth), Victoria University of Wellington (Stephen Whittington and Polly Higbee), "Steam" (Matt Cuthell and Ryan Orange)

Semi-finalists: Victoria University of Wellington (Kathy Scott-Dowell and Richard D'Ath), Jonathan Orpin and Ellen Thomson, Holly Jenkins and Josh Cameron, "Yogaskaran" (Max Harris and Akif Malik)

Top 10 Speakers:

1. Jonathan Orpin
2. Stephen Whittington (Victoria University of Wellington)
3. Polly Higbee (Victoria University of Wellington)
4= Clodagh O'Connor-McKenna (Victoria University of Wellington)
5= Sam Greenland (University of Sydney)
5= Richard D'Ath (Victoria University of Wellington)
5= Josh Cameron
5= Pat Caldwell (University of Sydney)
9= Hugh McCaffrey (Victoria University of Wellington)
9= Kathy Errington (University of Auckland)

Best Novice: Ellen Thomson


R1 - This House would destroy the results of unethical research
R2 - This House believes the European Union should be an economic union, not a political union
R3 - This House would ban cosmetic surgery
R4 - This house would pay for the return of hostages
R5 - This House believes groups should have to give up their weapons in order to stand for political office
R6 – This House would end all censorship apart from age restrictions
Semi - This House would legalise the baby trade
Grand Final – This House would prevent criminals from publishing accounts of their crimes

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